At 393 NYC, Negris LeBrum’s fall/winter 2018 presentation was a smash hit Sunday, Feb. 11. For this season, the Houston-based company’s Black-to-Basic collection represented the rebirth of Negris LeBrum. Rooted in the Negris LeBrum love story, the collection is defined by impeccably tailored, well-fitted designs. On the runway, the clothes are mostly black, reflecting the company’s slogan, “Lenoir est Joli.”

Previously, Negris Lebrum was known for introducing retro classic collections. Each season, they feature several beautiful, African-American models with natural hair portraying a modern ’70s era look. The collection reflects the aspirations, attitudes and strength of today’s independent woman. Silhouettes are bold and shapely in design with feminine details, including touches of fur, lace, silks and hints of sequins. With each collection, the LeBrum line has remained consistent. The clothes reflect several classic, retro pieces.

At the Negris LeBrum show, the message is clear, and there’s love in the air. It’s wonderful to hear about such a romantic story on Valentine’s Day. The love affair between a beautiful French Creole woman named Negris and a handsome man named Sam Labrum that began in the 1920s still sustains folks in 2018. Like this famous romance, the collection represents lifestyle, culture and heritage of the brand. 

For the show, the hair and makeup were produced by the noted Japanese brand Augment International. The models appeared courtesy of Revalushion Agency. The Negris LeBrum Mardi Gras Soiree has caught on in New York. It’s a swinging event. Sponsored and produced by Fresh Off the Rail LLC, this season’s after-party was hosted by Le Souk restaurant in Greenwich Village.

At London Fashion Week for autumn/winter 2018, Pantone reported remarkable color and creative nuances that highlight a balance of artistry and comforting classics.

The London previews demonstrated that designers offer a passionate desire to predict and express originality, ingenuity and creativity through fashion.

Continuing to highlight colors that transcend seasons, they introduced 12 new colors for men’s and women’s fashion, as well as five new classics. They called out two additional shades for London, mellow rose and pink peacock. Other new shades included red pear, valiant poppy, nebulas blue, Ceylon yellow, Russell orange, russet orange, martini olive, ultra violet, quetzal green, mellow rose, crocus petal and limelight.

Autumnal blues evoke a feeling of leaves on the forest floors. These tones are deep rich hues that reveal a modern fall palette.