Uh oh, our president has caught the superhero virus.

“I really believe, you don’t know until you’re tested but I think I’d, I really believe I’d run in even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump asserted, declaring how he would have responded to the Parkland massacre and confronted the gunman who killed 17 people.

For the most part the intrepid Trump’s Mighty Mouse to the rescue promise comes as a repudiation of the armed deputy sheriff who didn’t enter the school building during the shooting. He “choked” under the pressure of the situation, Trump said.

So, we are to believe you in this situation when you have been less than courageous on too many other ordinary circumstances?

No, we don’t need Trump the superhero, even if this retreat to fantasy was somehow possible. All we need from a national leader are a few human qualities such as compassion, sensitivity and an abiding concern for the downtrodden.

We don’t need any superhero antics to ensure the health of our people, to provide for a decent education, to repair our crumbling infrastructure and to aid the nation’s increasingly large indigent population rather than throwing more money to the Pentagon and the Defense Department.

None of these measures require a superhero, just a man of integrity who recognizes the widespread inequities, knows how to be diplomatic and when to enforce the principles of the Constitution.

On far too many occasions, Trump, your actions have been anti-superhero—you have been the arch-villain with the sole purpose of tearing down our democratic and human rights.

The mess you have created domestically and in the realm of foreign affairs cries out for a real superhero to remedy the disasters, the mischief, you continue to dispense.

Because you are a “fake” superhero, because you would probably cower in the face of danger and because we will never believe you would stand up to evil—something you occasionally personify—we say stop and cease the braggadocio. Just do a few humanly possible good things and that will move you a step closer to the status you dream and make it unnecessary for us to say: Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!