Fall/Winter 2018 design by Leanne Marshall (257751)

Leanne Marshall’s sophisticated designs are known for their light, flowing lines, feminine details and timeless elegance. Each of her dresses is made in New York, of the highest quality materials. For the woman who wants a dress to showcase and not overshadow her beauty, the brand is a staple. At New York Fashion Week, Marshall’s gowns were stunning. As models appeared and walked down the runway in the flowing gowns, the audience applauded each one

It was an amazing presentation. Silhouettes were figure-flattering, exhibiting precise attention to the fit of each garment on the models. Marshall’s design approach has made her the go-to designer for today’s woman. With modern touches of classic, yet youthful cuts, she surely offers her customers an effortless grace and elegance in her collection. There were several pieces for the fuller figure that were extremely attractive. One right after another, her clothes explored surprising colors such as bright yellow, turquoise, sand, mustard brown, white and black. The little black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe for every season. The white blouse set was smartly styled with a dark navy blue skirt that was casual for day, yet could be dressed up for night. Most of her day lengths were below the knee, which just seemed right for fall 2018.

Going back to the fashion classic cuts seemed to work for this designer. Simple shapes, smart styles, bold colors and the right lengths were hits in her show. Marshall focused on a variety of bodice treatments. Her collection incorporated fashions from crepe pants to gorgeous gowns. She is also known for her bridal designs.

As a little girl who was born in Yuba City, Calif., Marshall enjoyed her childhood, playing fashion designer with a sketch book, coloring pencils and spare bits of fabrics. Local seamstresses helped Marshall bring her sketches to life. By the age of 12, her designs were shown as costumes for her ballet and dance performances. She had a natural gift for sketching and design. She was also thrilled about creating costumes for performance, which inspired her to pursue a career in fashion design. In mid-2007, she created her own label. She also had a Project Runway win that propelled her career, showing her 2008 collection in New York Fashion Week. Today, she designs for the stars, including Paula Abdul, Carrie Underwood, Ashley Benson, Ariana Grande, Jane Fonda and others. Good show.