Andre Emery in his Bronx studio (258792)
Credit: Contributed

In April 2018, Bronx-born designer Andre Emery will showcase his fashions at the upcoming Style Fashion Week in the Palm Springs Air Museum. His show at NYFW went over very well. Emery works out of his home, a live-in studio, and his casual yet chic collection for women featured some barely there pieces. For Palm Springs, he plans to introduce menswear.

As a designer, Emery has dressed celebrities such as Rhianna, Paris Hilton and others. His first runway collection was shown in Los Angeles in 2017. He became interested in fashion while he was in high school. He used to customize garments by gluing scrap pieces of fabrics onto his own clothing. “I never wanted to sew,” he recalled. It was not until his creations were recognized by his peers that he began pursuing fashion design as a career. He attended the Art Institute of California and advanced his career to the next level. He described much of his career as serendipitous. “I had to learn the language of fashion,” he admitted. Understanding the female form was absolutely necessary, along with knowing how to fit the garment. In school, he enjoyed fashion. “What people don’t realize is that it is all a cycle,” said Emery.

His collection was inspired by films, production, actors, characters and stories. He loves classic films. He thinks like a designer and a director. Emery designs for women in power. His customer travels with an air of grace. As he designs garments for each woman, he creates a story.

The recent Style Week Shows included Capriani, Derbag, Shay Kawaii, H33 and Chicago Playground. These young brands and designers draw their inspiration from luxury industry giants. They operate under tight margins without corporate budgets to produce their runway shows. Style Fashion Week helps to share the costs of these major productions and provide a platform to display their work on the same level as their luxury competitors. These designers are a vital piece of the fashion community. Other designers in the mix included Notorious Pink Rose, featuring artwork by Derek Gores. Models were styled by Davines sustainable haircare.