Jill Flowers (258794)

“I consider myself a soul activist,” said Jill Flowers. “I advocate for women who suffer from trauma and need support in healing spiritually and emotionally. In our society, women are expected to be at their best all the time. But there are some of us who go through a traumatizing experience, and it’s hard for them to get back up. That’s why I believe that it is important for women to always remain empowered and to really believe that their life has a purpose.”

Flowers spoke to the Amsterdam News as she prepared to present her “Bury Superwoman, Raise the Queen,” presentation at the Sheraton in Brooklyn Saturday, March 24, 2018, at 9 p.m.

This author and activist is also an interfaith, interspiritual minister who specializes in wellness. Passionately she says that she believes in inspiration, empowerment and healing damaged spirits. 

A Brooklyn mom, Flowers is also a contributing author to the book “Souls of My Sisters.” The book is filled with stories from women who spoke about tragedy and overcoming it. “From pain to power to purpose, the book is meant to motivate women who have similar stories and not let what happened define them,” said Flowers. 

Flowers is also the co-founder of the Abolish the N Word Project. Since 2006, the aim of the project is to inspire the population nationwide to cease the usage of the N-word in everyday speech. More than a million people vowed to not use the word anymore. 

Flowers will be the guest speaker for the VIP Welcome Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. for the Business, Real Estate & Wealth Expo at the Sheraton Brooklyn Hotel Saturday, March 24. She will be talking about female empowerment and what it means to bury the superwomen and raise the queen.

“As women, we don’t realize the roles we are taking when we are trying to support our families,” she said. “Just being a mom adds 15 other roles: You’re now a financier, entertainer and chef, and we are all of sudden superwomen. But I believe that we need to realize that yes we can do anything we put our minds to, but we are humans, too. Picking up all of these roles adds stress and can eventually effect our health. I host ‘Bury the superwomen and raise the queen’ events all the time. And I encouraged the audience to see the difference between the two.”

The New American Chamber of Commerce and the African-American International Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the conference. 

Attorney Brian Figeroux is co-organizer and co-host of the event. Empowerment comes with self-definition and economic freedom, he told the AmNews.

“The American dream is to own a home and start a business,” he said. “But since African-Americans were brought to the states, they have always been in a disadvantage position by and compared to the Europeans. In the 1930s, the Federal Housing Administration worked to make homeownership accessible to whites by giving them guaranteed loans. However, Blacks or even people who live with near Blacks were not included in this policy. This destroyed the notion of investments with Black people.”

Figeroux added, “During the Bush administration, it was reported that Blacks who took out loans are paying higher interest rates compared to whites, even those who have better credit scores. But the Obama administration made an effort to change it. Living in America while being Black can be challenging, but the only way we can rise above it is to inform the public and give back to our own communities, and take advantage of given opportunities. That is the purpose of the expo, to inform them about the opportunities we have for aspiring homeowners and entrepreneurs. We are encouraging all people of color to attend the conference. We are encouraging networking and empowerment.”

Figeroux is the CEO of Figeroux & Associates and the Chamber of Commerce, and he is a real estate broker with his Equity Smart Realty Inc. He concluded, “This conference is free to the public. People should come out and hear Jill Flowers, and pop into the various workshops and get the wealth of information.”

“We bring our shovels to bury the superwoman and raise the queen,” said Flowers. 

For more information, contact Flowers at https://www.jillflowers.com.