“Ass Clown” is how one New York tabloid characterized Trump after porn star Stormy Daniels’ allegations that she had him drop his pants and spanked him with a magazine with his picture on the cover.

Your president is indeed a first class clown, with or without his pants down, and it’s hard to ignore the circus of incompetency of which he is the center.

Each day brings a fresh smear of incredulity from Trump and his administration and we were temporarily relieved when his trigger finger rested for a couple of days on Twitter.

But now the clown is active again, railing against former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ editorial calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment as a possible way toward weakening the NRA’s ability to block gun control legislation.

“The Second Amendment will never be repealed,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “As much as Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the words…of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, NO WAY.”

Stevens’ tactic is one we approve, mainly because it coincides quite meaningfully with the surge of recent protests for gun control measures from coast to coast. These marches and rallies with young Americans at the forefront are important and inspirational, and we support their general demand—“March for our Lives!”

Trump’s denial of repealing the Second Amendment is his way of once again bolstering the NRA, thereby countering his support for the banning of bump stocks.

In effect, Trump giveth and taketh away.

We have grown accustomed to Trump’s inconsistencies, one moment expressing some concern for the Constitution and in the next moment reversing his course.

From the inception of his campaign, indirection, distraction, and bait and switch have been essential to his strategy for victory and now for his policy moves.

What it amounts to is the basic bamboozling and hoodwinking of the American public, which, unfortunately has worked to our chagrin.

Now that we have the protests in motion, we must find a way to keep them active and highly charged, keep the fires of resentment and anger burning all the way to the voting booth in November. We can’t afford to rely on incidents to fuel our outrage—we have experienced enough, and enough is enough!

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!