Stephon Clark (258791)
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As the national fallout over the police shooting of Black unarmed 22-year-old Stephon Clark continues, more information is surfacing about the killing that took place in Sacramento, Calif.

Reports indicate that an independent autopsy by Clark’s family revealed that officers shot him eight time times in the back and side.

“These findings from the independent autopsy contradict the police narrative that we’ve been told,” said attorney Benjamin Crump, who has taken on the case. “This independent autopsy affirms that Stephon was not a threat to police and was slain in another senseless police killing under increasingly questionable circumstances.”

Officers say on the night they shot Clark, March 18, they gave him commands to stop and show his hands, but he ran into the backyard. They followed and yelled, “Show me your hands! Gun! Gun! Gun!” before shooting Clark. Officers said Clark allegedly held an object that he “extended in front of him.” The object was determined to be a cellphone.

Funeral services were held for Clark last week. The Rev. Al Sharpton traveled to California to deliver the eulogy for the young man, who was the father of two young children, and offer support to his family.

“We will never let you forget the name of Stephon Clark until we get justice,” Sharpton said at the service. “No, this is not a local matter—they’ve been killing young Black men all over the country. It’s time for preachers to come out of the pulpit, it’s time for politicians to come out of the office, it’s time for us to go down and stop this madness.”

Protests in California have continued in the days after the funeral. One notable demonstration took place Saturday night where protesters gathered. During the demonstration, 61-year-old protester, Wanda Cleveland, was hit by a sheriff deputy’s SUV and was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. The SUV fled the scene.

Officials from the sheriff’s office said the deputy didn’t know he hit someone and that the incident was an accident. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said those participating in the demonstrations are “professional protesters.”

Local reports indicate that Clark’s brother, Stevante, is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the aftermath of his brother’s killing. He lost another brother to gun violence as well.

“My life is different,” he said to the media. “I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. Imagine being famous over the death of your relative. They don’t see you. They see your brother. They see a death.”

Meanwhile, Clark was the subject of criticism this week when previous social media posts surfaced about his dislike for Black women. At the time of his death he was married to an Asian woman.

“Black is beautiful. I don’t want nothin Black but a Xbox, dark bitches bring dark days.,” he said on Twitter.

Several women online have called for other Black women not to protest in his name.