March Madness is clearly in the rear view mirror, but the inanities continue to swirl around the Oval Office, some of it literarily and figuratively hot. In the wake of the fire at Trump Tower that took the life of a tenant, there were reports that Trump had referred to the victim as a “crazy Jew.”

The source of this quote was a friend of Todd Brassner, who died in the fire. It was something he said he overheard from Trump, and our first impulse is to believe it since it sounds so consistent with Trump’s confection of insults.

Beyond the fire in the tower, there are the gas attacks in Syria, the FBI raid of his attorney’s office and hotel room and the announcement that Tom Bossert, the head of Homeland Security, plans to resign. Now that John Bolton has been chosen to be the new national security adviser, the carousel of hawks has an even more intemperate member, even more predictably hostile and warlike.

It’s not unusual to find Trump nestled between a rock and hard place, and we wait to see how he will wiggle out of the Syrian and Cohen conundrums. On the one hand he has asserted again his desire to remove U.S. troops from Syria, but how to respond to the recent gas attack on innocent citizens there has become a challenging proposition.

Other than bluster and the cry of “witch hunt,” how will Trump deal with the confiscation of the documents from his attorney’s office and hotel room?

Whether on the domestic or foreign front, he has major decisions to make, and we dare not forget the claims made by Stormy Daniels.

Trump’s usual response to the tempest around him is to make it even worse, or to find a useful distraction, such as he did the other day in citing his golf course as one of the reasons Patrick Reed won the Master’s tournament.

When things go wrong, he steps aside and blames others, as he has done so often with his predecessor in the White House. When good things are happening, then he’s quick to claim it.

Those of you who follow this column know that the one good thing we’d like to see happen, and one he wouldn’t be so fast to claim, is his removal from office, that is, to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!