For fall/winter 2018, Pantone Color Institute has named 10 top colors for men and women. “This season’s palette continues to show designers expressing the need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity in fashion,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. As designers and consumers continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and focus on self-expressive colors, there are more nontraditional choices, such as Limelight and Crocus Petal, showing up for fall/winter. Look for more exploration within color families and build them with new combinations and fresher materials. Work on reinventing your own color story.

Whether or not you are traveling to destinations known or unknown, the palette “Meanderings” implies a winding course experienced at a leisurely pace. Often, the journey reveals unexpected treasures and pleasures. At various ports of call, highlighted colors include a tropical island green, brilliant blue, wild orchid and a composed canal blue that’s joined to a robust red cabernet. This intense red hue is found in the palettes titled “Cravings” and “Classico.”

In “Cravings,” colors are meant to tempt your eyes as well as taste buds with spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples. Foods, such as peppers and chocolate, come to mind. They are tempered by the warmth of a neutral cappuccino color and a grassy green shade. For a more elegant nod to style fundamentals, think of bright reds, which are the main hues of the “Classico” category. This palette offers a graceful swan white and shades of camel that pair perfectly with deep teal blues, gray flannels, burgundy reds and caviar blacks.

The fall ’18 Pantone color story continues with a savory and spicy yellow that adds an exotic touch. For depth, there’s a sophisticated and urban green, as well as russet orange and ultra violet hues. In eye makeup, look for Quetzal Green, a deep, elegant blue hue that’s suggestive of rich plumage.

At We Connect, women’s fashion colors for fall/winter 2018/’19 find moods that range from “It’s Only Natural” to the energized “Between Lines” theme. Thanks to Design Options Inc., another color forecasting firm, “It’s Only Natural” shows enriched browns and yellow-oranges. Bark and wet soil color browns that fabricate the emphasis of textures. Touches of peachy pink add a feminine and delightful beauty to fall. “Spice of Life,” another color segment, mixes in the cool, fearless shades and tints of orange-based hues. Here, the violets are graceful. Vivid greens symbolize prosperity, vitality and a balance in contrasting. Evoking daring emotion, amber reds are adventuresome. Working with colors between the lines, there are the bright and bold tones. Rich plums glide by with magnificent style, along with magnetic blues and greens. Sleek silvers and black tones are blazing fashion trails and bridging the gap between the lines.