The National Weather Service has issued a weather advisory for the New York, Tri-State area through 9 p.m. Wednesday. Temperatures in next several days expected to be warm, seniors and young children are urged to stay indoors and to keep cool.

Those New Yorkers who have to endure the heat, health officials advise water is the key to staying hydrated and cool.

Senior citizens are encouraged to go to local cooling centers (community and senior citizen buildings) where air conditioning, food and water are provided. Parents are also recommended to keep babies and toddlers in the house, with air conditioning. Click here to find a cooling center near you.

Public beaches and swimming pools throughout the city that are open to cool off.

Here are some more tips from the city on staying safe in the heat:

· The elderly, very young, or anyone with pre-existing medical conditions may be vulnerable to the extreme heat. Check on neighbors and offer assistance to those in need.

· Stay out of the sun if possible. If you must be outside find shade to cool off, or an air-conditioned building.

· Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun while outdoors. Be sure to apply about two heaping tablespoons of sunscreen to exposed areas of the body before going outside.

· Avoid strenuous activity, especially during peak hours of the day when the sun is strongest from 11AM to 4PM.

· Stay hydrated by drinking water even if you are not thirsty. Avoid beverages containing alcohol and/or caffeine.

· Wear lightweight, thin fabrics, light-colored clothing, and hats to protect yourself from the sun and to help keep cool.

Know the warning signs of heat-related illness:

· Feeling faint or weak

· Hot, dry skin or clammy skin

· Difficulty breathing

· Confusion, disorientation, dizziness

· Nausea and vomiting