Credit: Men's design by Sadak

In the swim world, Camp Cove Swim splashed a sleek, sexy collection on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway. Designed in Australia, Camp Cove bikinis combine comfort, individuality and a love of retro styling and Australiana to celebrate the beauty of the female form.

The company’s ethos is that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a swimsuit. Camp Cove bikinis are ethically manufactured in close partnership with a talented swimwear machinist on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Their fabrics are printed in Sydney, and Camp Cove also incorporates recycled fabrics into the linings of their swimsuits. Prints are designed in-house and are 100 percent exclusive to their brand. “Each and every swimsuit is a labor of love and carefully constructed and checked to ensure an excellent fit and quality workmanship,” stated Katherine Hampton, founder of Camp Cove Swim.

On the same bill in Australia, Albus Lumen’s collection exhibited the designer’s confidence in simplicity. The brand’s name is Latin for white light. Her clothes are not weighed down by trends, but they are grounded in the core elements and feature minimalist details. With a nod to the European summer, craftsmanship and relaxed style, Albus Lumen’s shapes are simple. Her looks are modern, and they are not influenced by flashiness and glamour. Her collection was understated luxury with a minimal edge.

For men and women, Serbian fashion and stage designer Sasa Kovacevic created a classy, street collection for Sadak for spring/summer ’18 Fashion Week in Berlin. His clothes were smartly styled and well-tailored. Bermuda-short-length trousers with matching jackets and sleeveless sweaters and shirts were new. Sleek leather pants were short and slick. Colors made an additional fashion statement. The Sadak collection has been shown in Paris and Tokyo.

In addition to designing his own fashion label, Kovacevic creates costumes and designed for the feature films “Hunger Games 3” and “Mockingjay 1.”