Long after we’ve endured Trump, and how we wish his presence was no longer with us, his ignominious legacy will linger, most menacingly if his nominee for the Supreme Court is confirmed.

Judge Kavanaugh, and already some of his supporters are calling him Justice Kavanaugh, is 53 and should he be seated and live as long as some of the current justices, he will be on the bench long after many of us have made our departures.

We may be long gone but Trump’s tenure and some of the actions will still be around to bedevil and trouble future generations, and how we wish that wasn’t so.

So, since we can see the danger on the horizon, this should spur us to be even more determined to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation, wage the kind of resistance that proved so effective in keeping Robert Bork off the bench.

Lessons derived from Neil Gorsuch, who sits in place of the late Antonin Scalia, should be all we need to predict how Kavanaugh will decide as Justice Kennedy retires at the end of this month.

Civil rights organizations, health care agencies, union activists and thousands of social and political sciences have expressed their outrage about this recent nomination.

The NAACP believes Kavanaugh is dangerous and his record seems to indicate that, and nothing is more disturbing than to learn of his writings that guarantee his support of Trump. He said in so many words in accepting the nomination Monday that he would be a loyal and faithful servant of Trump, never failing to watch his back and voting against any indictment.

Already Trump has positioned a gaggle of demons to usurp and destroy important governmental agencies and democratic policies, including the EPA, education, immigration, the unions, voting rights and women’s productive rights.

Each of these entities is further jeopardized with the arrival of Kavanaugh at SCOTUS, and nothing short of poor health and death will keep him from his appointed rounds and protecting his boss’s back.

Gorsuch got in because three Democratic senators, fearing retaliation in red zones, caved in. This could be the outcome again, so let’s listen to some of the actions planned by the SEIU and civil rights activists who have promised to be unrelenting in their actions to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

That would be a devastating blow to Trump and possibly pave the way to our cry that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!