I feel so gay in a melancholy way that it might as well be spring. But it’s not; it’s summer. Time to break out those killer playlists with maybe something mellow, grab a tall, cool glass of lemonade and kick back. With both the planets Mercury, ruler of communications, and Mars, the planet of action, in retrograde, what else is one to do?

Doing plenty is Harlem World Magazine. Founded in April 2003, its presence has grown from a luxury print edition with 15,000 copies per quarter until 2009 when they launched HarlemWordMag.com with 50,000 followers. Editors are now gearing up for the 2019 relaunch. To be part of the action, and join in the fun call 646-216-8698 or just keep checking “The Cosmopolitan Review.” I will keep you in the know.

Shape Up NYC is offering free Zumba classes every Thursday at La Placita De La Marqueta, Park Avenue between 115th and 116th streets. Classes are open to all levels of ability and no registration is required. For more information, a full list of classes citywide, and so much more that’s happening around our city, visit nyc.gov/parks. Speaking of parks, Joyce Adewumi, chair of Community Board 9 Arts and Culture Committee launched The Artist Circle at the beginning of summer, inviting patrons of the arts to view some of the magnificent sculptures that have been created by African-American artist and strategically placed in various parks in Manhattanville, Morningside Heights and Hamilton Heights. It would be very interesting and a lot of fun to try and scout out some of the works while they remain on exhibit. Also planned by Community Board 9 is the Harlem Havana 2018: Meet the Artists Reception, to be held Monday, Aug. 6, 6 p.m., at the Mural Pavillion at Harlem Hospital, 136th Street and Lenox Avenue. It’s free and open to the public.

Sia-Alika Battle, John Simon and Tony Bowles attended the ninth annual Unconditional Love Gala, held at the tastefully decorated, spacious home of Sandra McConnell, located on the East End of Long Island. While sipping on cocktails before dinner and dancing, guests were able to see several dogs brought on-site and available for adoption. Gregory D’Elia was gala chairman, along with Jean Shafiroff, who spends a lot of time and energy supporting the New York Mission Society. The event, organized by the Junior Committee of which Tony Bowles is a member, was a sold-out affair. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

Geoffrey Eaton, president of the NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch, was absolutely beaming over the branch’s first place win, receiving the Thalheimer Award, at the 109th annual National Convention, held in San Antonio, Texas. The Thalheimer is the highest award given to the branch for programmatic activities. The branch took third place for the Lucille Black Membership award. So sign up.

Now that it is August, people will take off for parts unknown as the city will slowly clear out. Vernon Manley has already taken off for Spain, where he will enjoy the culture and cuisine for two months. Brenda and Bill Covette are headed for the Vineyard. With our daughter Julia returning home from camp, we don’t know where we may find ourselves. For those who are able, “A Night at the Museum” will be showing Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Nantucket Whaling Museum. That’s Nantucket, not Sag Harbor. I would love to visit Nantucket, a quiet, quaint little town just a hop, skip and a jump from Martha’s Vineyard. No traffic jams there because the only way to get around, aside from walking, is by bicycle. The cute cottages are heavily adorned with an abundance of colorful Hydrangeas. I can only imagine that the fish are unbelievably fresh, not to mention the air.

Condolences to the family of Brad Johnson, whose mother Phyllis died. Brad is the proprietor of two very successful restaurants in Los Angeles, one is which he co-owns with Denzel Washington. I would love to co-own anything with Denzel Washington.

While some are trying to get away, others are beginning to prepare for back to school or the dreaded application process, which kicks off the day after Labor Day for admission to independent schools. Gina Parker Collins, president of RIISE, the organization dedicated to demystifying the independent school quagmire for families of color, hosted a very informative webinar entitled, “Mid-Summer Independent School Admission Info Session.” Joining her were the admission directors LaToya Allen from Riverdale Country School and Nina Hamlin from Greenwich Academy. Their advice, whether for applying to lower, middle or upper school, can be summarized in three steps. First, get organized with a notebook, jotting down everything you are looking for in a school and everything you will learn along the way. Second, start a list of schools you might be interested in while thinking about what is of key importance to you and your child. Not only is the academic curriculum important but also whether it is creative arts or sports that interest you most. Also important are the logistics. Is your child able to travel alone? Does the school offer transportation services? How far and wide are you able to travel? Third, visit the school’s website, create a login and dissect every aspect. That will provide a clear indication of the school’s culture and offerings and give you a good feel for the atmosphere and the inclusivity and allow you to formulate the questions you will want to ask once you start to delve deeper into the process.

I can testify, the process is daunting and not for the faint of heart. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just try to be your “best self,” take the school tours and don’t forget to breathe.

Until next week…kisses.