President Trump, what’s your response to Kirstjen Nielsen, your Homeland Security secretary and her very firm position that there was definitely Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election? And the order to do so, she said, came from the “highest levels.”

Does it reach to the pinnacle of the Kremlin where Trump’s summit partner resides? Nielsen’s pronouncement flies in the face of her boss’s shifting claims on Russian interference, which were absolutely muddled and disconcerting during and after his meeting with the Russian president.

Although Nielsen did not say which political party was targeted, she emphatically held her ground on the assertions, and now we wait to see how Trump deals with this information from one of his underlings.

To be sure, he will find a way to dismiss it or claim it, depending on what advantages or disadvantages it has to a policy that is nothing if unpredictable.

When his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, expanded on his notion that collusion is no crime, Trump immediately adopted the same position, no matter that it appears to give credence to the existence of collusion.

But then he did a Trumpian somersault, insisting that collusion is no crime because there is no collusion.

In Trump’s world—and it’s no wonderland—words mean exactly what he wants them to mean. Would’ve suddenly becomes wouldn’t, real news is fake news and, adding a play from Giuliani’s book, attorney Michael Cohen is no longer an honorable man because he has begun spilling the beans.

Hardly a day passes that we are not left a dither by this flip-flop, topsy-turvy administration, wondering what numbskull, retrenchment action will impale us next from Trump and his surrogates.

There used to be cry in America that the “Russians are coming!” Well, if the conclusions from the upper echelons of our intelligence agencies are right, the Russians have been here online for quite a while and with no intention of leaving.

Trump’s meeting with Putin only intensified and broadened the platform for their “meddling,” which might be too mild a term to define their intrusion.

But let’s not jump to conclusions like the tweet-minded Trump. Let’s see how he handles Nielsen’s comments. But we don’t wait, and there is no hesitation in our demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!