The 68th annual Holcombe Rucker Summer League concluded Sunday with seven championship games at the Milbank Center on West 118th Street between Lenox and Fifth avenues. Besides the competitiveness, of course there were some of the usual story lines that can accompany any youth sports league today—the malcontented coach, an unhappy player and the boisterous-disgruntled parent or relative in the stands whose young tyke didn’t take home the league’s winning trophy. And let’s not forget those who want you to know that they know the rules better than the referees.

“Eighty-six teams participated this summer,” said Al White, Rucker’s executive director. “It’s hard to make everyone happy. It’s been a pretty good summer. We started in June, and now we’re down to the final [14] teams here today.” 

Rucker championship games were held in their 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, 16 and under and 18 and under boys’ and teen boys’ divisions, along with their fifth- and sixth-grade girls’ division, and one for seventh- and eighth-grade girls. 

Youth On The Move defeated the Wiz Kids 19-13 to win the 10 and under division. Jadakis Elite lost to a Milbank team 50-36 in the 12 and under division. Led by guard Elijah Costillo’s 22 points, the RJS Avengers beat the Rucker Ambassadors by one, 45-44, in the 14 and under division. In the 16 and under division, Milbank defeated the Harlem Hurricanes 55-51, and lost to the RJS Avengers 70- 63 in the 18 and under division. RJS guards Jeremiah Boston and Tyshawn Scott each scored 14 points. 

In the fifth- and sixth-grade girls’ division, NY United defeated the Raptors 32-23, and Zoe Brooks (22 points) led the New Jersey Sparks over Milbank, 47-27, in the seventh- and eighth-grade girls’ division. 

Brooks, Costillo and Coston were game MVP’s, recipients of the Holcombe Rucker MVP Award. Savion Janasten (10 and under), Braylin Sanjurjio (12 and under), Dior Davis (16 and under) and Zoe Francis-Buckley (fifth- and sixth-grade girls) were also recipients.