President Donald Trump (245945)
Credit: CNN photo

If Trump’s Twitter account has intensified and he seems a bit more agitated, blame the tightening legal noose, thanks to his current and former attorneys and consultants.

At the top of the gallows, and perhaps most critical, is what White House counsel Donald McGahn disclosed during his sessions with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The 30 hours of interviews with Mueller have unsettled the unhinged Trump even more than usual, if that’s possible.

As White House counsel, McGahn is not Trump’s personal attorney, but is in service of the people. We will have to wait to learn the outcome and full extent of his meetings with the special counsel.

Like so much of what has transpired during the probe of the Russians’ involvement in the last presidential election, except to those intimately connected with the special counsel’s investigation, little is known or has been divulged. Whatever the revelations, it will take some time before the world is fully informed.

Meanwhile, Mueller proceeds methodically, gradually compiling more evidence that appears to be basically aimed at nailing Trump with a charge of obstruction of justice.

Tweets from Trump assailing Mueller with a fresh round of attacks seem to indicate that he is increasingly nervous about how things are taking shape. Add to that Paul Manafort’s trial, Rudy Giuliani’s recent spout that the “truth isn’t the truth” and the ongoing tribulations of his former attorney Michael Cohen, then it’s easy to see why Trump is hot and bothered.

Trump has to be more than a little bit concerned about the fact of Manafort, his former campaign chairman, was convicted on eight separate counts. Meanwhile, Cohen, his former attorney, was found guilty on multiple counts of bank fraud and a single count of tax evasion, and it’s to be seen if he does a Rick Gates and turns on his former client. Already there are reports that he is on the verge of copping a plea.

While Mueller plods along, Trump reloads his twitters, unleashes a barrage of insinuations and denials and repeats his tweets of “fake news” and “witch hunt,” all of which might be part of the accumulative arsenal Mueller needs to level his charges of obstruction of justice.

Indeed, the legal noose is getting tighter and tighter around Trump, and half the nation is waiting for him to swing.