Richard Jankowski (267014)
Credit: Facebook

A white candidate running for a seat on the Monroe Township Board of Education in Central Jersey is under fire after a racially laced rant on social media.

Reports indicate that 51-year-old Richard Jankowski used the words “monkeys” and “animals” to describe African-Americans. He also promoted the killing of Black people. He made posts from 2014 through 2016 and referenced everything from Black Lives Matter to kneeling in the NFL.

Screenshots of the posts were made public by the New Jersey Globe website last Friday. In total 18 of Jankowski’s posts were released in which he also made derogatory comments against the LGBT community and people when mental disabilities.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stay quiet any longer. …You [expletive] animals in Missouri make me sick,” Jankowski said in 2014. “Another Black criminal gets killed after assaulting a white cop and you pieces of [expletive] want justice? You are not Americans; you are animals who disgust me. You wonder why there is racism in this country?”

“That doesn’t pertain to any school business,” said Monroe Township Board of Education President George Caruso. “That’s between that gentleman and the rest of the community. He’s not on the school board.”

Jankowski has not publicly addressed his past comments on social media. He faces six other candidates during the election on Nov. 6.