Tailored designs for SS ’19 by Ana Locking (267203)

Inspired by radical underground subcultures, designer Ana Locking’s designs are about realness. Her clothes identify with women who are self-confident, dressing with a freedom of style. For the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, her clothes are about a woman’s self-expression and theatrical reality. “In a ballroom, you can wear anything you want,” expressed Locking. Her principle motive behind her collection is for people to “be whatever you want to be.”

Hannibal Laguna’s collection sparkled. This collection was a series of items that were deliciously inspired by nostalgic women who gather together to celebrate. “At a time when we are used to dressing for ourselves, I long for a collection that steers clear of self-complacence to convey the pleasure of dressing for others. I feel drawn to the act of sheer beauty and generosity that invites us to rediscover the joy of pleasing and surprising others,” explained Laguna.

This collection is all about structures that emanate weightlessness and simplicity. These clothes are feminine, evoking exquisite taste. Ornamentation such as embroidered motifs enhance the garments. There are whispery, floral prints in gray that are scattered with pink or lavender and peach tones.

Another group of patterns features a magical topography starring sequin studs that resemble tiny mirrors. The excellence of quality tailoring is evident in the Hannibal Laguna line.

The spring/summer ’19 collection of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was elegant. Using their new license for Visatex fabrics, recycling materials and reinventing, their wearable collection is filled with bright colors and psychedelia. Made from existing materials, her looks manage to surprise people.

Eyes and lips stand out as the surrealist emblems in the collection, transforming garments into objects of desire as they sway along the catwalk. Take, for example, a kimono that’s a subtle nod to this designer’s magical kimono line. There are dance dresses that swing with gathered skirts, bomber jackets or culottes. For evening, sequined dresses take the stage. In Madrid, Agatha shows an extensive range of jacquards that dominate the summer designs. These jacquard patterns appeal to the imagination. There are flowers, rain drops, stripes and heart prints. She works with pure cotton, natural linen and rough silk that mingle with plastics, home textiles and fabrics for cushions.