I continue to celebrate my experience at this year’s Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show. This is mostly because of all the great products I am still enjoying, but also all of the food makers with whom I remain in contact such as Seal the Seasons (@SealtheSeasons). They recently invited some food journalists down to Pure Berry Co. in Vineland, N.J., to see what they do.

We arrived to meet Bryan Jewell and Matt McMahon of Pure Berry Co., Jeff Whalen and Bob Ritter of Whalen Farms, and the founder and CEO of Seal the Seasons, Patrick Mateer. There we had a full day touring the farm and talking to these owners about their farming histories, the challenges of farming today and in the future, and how Seal the Seasons assists with maximizing crop yields and supports small local farms by flash-freezing product to make it available to consumers year-round.

Mateer explained, “Seal the Seasons exists because growers like these didn’t have great outlets for all of their crop and people were wanting to buy local, but there was no way for people to get product like that year-round. You can go to the grocery store and get so many good fruits and vegetables, but you didn’t know where they were coming from, who grew them or what the quality was going to be like. By connecting local growers to the local community that wants local food, we can solve everybody’s problem and make the world just a little bit better. We got started to bring people together.”

For more information and to see where you can purchase their local sourced freshly frozen products, visit www.sealtheseasons.com.