Now that Trump has his man in place to protect any possible move to impeach him, his focus is back on his chief nemesis—angry protesters. Taking another step into absurdity, he claims the growing throng of demonstrators were actually being paid to voice their feelings.

Well, Trump, Americans don’t need any added inducements to take to the streets. Each morning we are greeted with all the incentives needed to assemble; in fact, it is our hope that the legions of “paid” protesters reach that critical mass because we are just around the corner from the very important midterm elections.

Trump and the GOP are putting into play all sorts of tactics to rev and rouse their base and it’s imperative that the Dems and the DNC invigorate their foot soldiers because it’s going to take a relentless, concerted effort to change any chamber of Congress.

Any talk now about impeaching Justice Kavanaugh may not be the best use of our time and resources, particularly if it doesn’t pivot into the impending elections. We know that our predator president will throw a variety of baits into the mix to distract us but we must at this moment keep our concentration on a winnable goal.

If we can muster the will and clout, mount that unyielding force that spurred our crusade in 2008, we can take back the House, which will open the political, social and economic gates toward greater gains. The protesters are providing the momentum we need to push our progressive agenda, to improve our overall campaign that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!