Edolphus and Gwen Towns, Al and Mildred Vann, former judge Bert Bunyan, former City Councilwoman Annette Robinson and former judge Alton Walton were among the 300-plus guest in attendance at the El Caribe Country Club in Brooklyn Sunday afternoon to honor the legendary Floyd Layne and Donald Francois and the 2018 Brooklyn USA Hall of Fame inductees, Laddy Baldwin, John H. Bunyan and Wayne Morgan.

The event is hosted annually by the Brooklyn United Scholarship Association, Inc., their annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon.

Layne was one of the outstanding members of the 1950 CCNY basketball team, the only college in history to win both the NCAA and the NIT championship in the same year.

Isaac Bediako received the Solly Walker Memorial Scholarship Award. Fiya Rivers received the Dr. Carole Conner Memorial Scholarship Award and Jaila Taylor received the Ozelious Zeke Clement Memorial Scholarship Award.

Both Bediako and Rivers attended Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn. Taylor attended the High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan. The students were honored with $1,000 awards for each of their academic achievements.

“Our luncheon was a success because of all of those who attended and contributed to this program and organization,” said Ron Cargill, the chairman of Brooklyn United Scholarship Association. “The cooperation and love shown has been amazing.”