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Credit: Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Many political experts and pundits will admit that their polls were wrong when they discussed which Democratic candidate would win the Florida governor’s primary election. When a candidate such as Jeff Greene comes into a campaign and spends $34 million, and Philip Levine spends $28 million, you must begin to ask the question, “Is politics a game only rich men play?”

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Black man saw the Florida primary election from a different lens, and surprised everyone with a historic victory. Black men and women don’t like to talk about the special sauce, which they get from their ancestors, but the mayor’s gift was on display in the election. During the race, Gillum was invisible, his campaign started with very little money and many pundits expected him to drop out of the primary.

Many will suggest that the mayor’s oratorical skills reminded Florida Democrats of President Obama’s speeches, but still many thought his campaign was not very significant. Historically, Democratic primaries were about only older voters and women, but in 2018 the younger voters stood up and showed out.

From the very beginning of this race, the Gillum camp knew that three middle of the road Democrats would split the base vote, and a progressive and diverse candidate could pull off an upset. When Jeff Greene entered the race late, he improved Gillum’s chances to win the primary by splitting up the wealthy, older Jewish Democratic vote even more. Gillum’s campaign stayed under the radar, but he kept his eyes on the prize.

Many political experts are now saying that the young vote in Florida, from age 18 to 30, increased after the Parkland high school shooting by more than 60 percent this year, after registration of new voters. Early in the election, Gillum did college tours and continued to utilize progressive young organizations to get the vote out. The final 12 weeks is when Gillum made his move after millions were donated by organizations and celebrities, Senator Bernie Sanders campaigning with Gillum and an infusion of cash from billionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros and a super PAC.

The fight for the soul of the Democratic Party starts with the unification, mobilization and organization of the base. Gillum is a bold powerful voice for change, and the question is will the Florida Democratic Party get behind this progressive candidate 150 percent?

With Gillum being 39, it is very easy for the older Democrats to say they want fresh ideas, but the test is for them to support a young, progressive Black man. All across the state, diversity is winning, and more women, African-Americans and Hispanics are winning their primary races. Now that these candidates are winning, is the Florida Democratic Party all in?

In the four most powerful positions in the state, two African-Americans won, one woman won and one white man won. This outcome is unprecedented, and I am willing to guess that many African-Americans don’t know that Sean Shaw, running for attorney general, is a Black man, and they don’t know his story and the significance of his father’s legacy in the state and to the Black community.

Ex-Senator Jeremy Ring is running for chief financial officer. He is a tech pioneer and helped establish the Florida Growth Fund, which invests in homegrown Florida companies. Nikki Fried is a lawyer and will be the second women to hold the title of commissioner of agriculture in Florida if she wins. She is a proponent of legalizing medical marijuana, improving public schools and fighting for children, seniors and the quality of life for everyone.

The candidates running for the four most powerful positions in the state are progressive, innovative and diverse, and the care about all Floridians.

There is a Black wave sweeping across Florida and the nation, and it starts with the Collective Super PAC. The Collective PAC is focused on increasing the number of African-Americans in public offices at all levels. This super PAC has helped 18 candidates win in primary and general elections, and they have assisted Andrew Gillum and Sean Shaw in winning their primary elections.