Ovation (270420)

Ovation, America’s only arts network, has begun featuring local Bronx and Brooklyn artists in public service announcements on all its platforms as a continued commitment to support and highlight the arts community and diversity. These PSAs, which feature artists and their contributions to their communities, are part of Ovation’s Stand for the Arts mission to raise awareness, protect access, and encourage action on behalf of the arts and culture. The announcement was made by Liz Janneman, EVP of Network Strategy, Ovation.

“The Power of Art is exemplified through these artists’ personal stories—their creativity, connection and innovation,” said Janneman. “Ovation is proud to support and amplify their contributions to their communities.”

The following local NYC artists will be featured in Ovation’s Stand for the Arts public service announcements:

Genesis Tramaine is a Brooklyn-based mixed media painter. American Black cultural influences have a rich impact on the shape, structure and depth of each painting. Her social and political consciousness as a woman painter is informed by her constant challenges with the societal imbalances of race, class and gender.

Sharnika Power is a London-born spoken-word poet based in Brooklyn. Her spoken-word poetry is inspired by Brooklyn street art and hip-hop, and she uses it to effect social change.

LeRone Wilson is a Harlem-based sculptor and painter. His primary medium is beeswax, the oldest form of painting, used in ancient Kemet (Egypt). His sculpted wax paintings explore the complexities of the historical and cultural inferences of spirituality, identity and self.

Nicole “Artist Up” Watson is a Bronx-based spoken word artist known as Artist Up. She has appeared on many stages and platforms as a host, actor and spoken-word artist. Artist Up has recently hosted several shows titled “Around the Fire” on QPTV. She has opened for comedians such as JP Justice, Rob Stapleton and Ray Dejon performing spoken word.

Steve Cas is a Brooklyn-based illustrator. He is an award-winning artist with a professional career that has spanned 20 years. He’s worked on numerous cutting-edge projects. He is known for his inky stylized characters and an endless arsenal of computer skills.

Miracle Robinson is a Bronx-based 8-year-old designer. She created Styled by Miracle, a signature handcrafted accessories company for the girl who knows just what she wants, to address the hunger problem among homeless children in her city of New York.

Charles Rice-Gonzales and Arthur Aviles are the co-founders of BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance). BAAD!’s arts programming gives voice to artists from underrepresented demographics and aids in dismantling paradigms of social injustice, including sexism, racism and homophobia in the Bronx and beyond.

Kim “Good Look” Seabrook is a Bronx-based spoken-word poet. Poetry has been a form of therapy for Kim Seabrook, which led her to open Creative Soul Concepts, a workshop program that includes writing skills, poetry lessons, healing and meditation methods.

“I would like to start by pointing out that Ovation is phenomenal for allowing artists to showcase their gifts to millions of people as they are one of the few stations,” said Watson. “I am very pleased to have and have had the opportunity to be one of the artists of many trades from the Bronx to share my vision.”

“When you hear mainstream, you don’t hear people like me,” added Seabrook. “People like me who raise awareness, help clean minds and provide positivity. Ovation has given me a platform to express who I am and what it is that I do. Ovation has given me the chance to connect with those of the same mindset, which is way overdue.”

The artist PSAs can also be viewed within the interactive map (New York) at www.standforthearts.com.