Releasing their fifth offer of wardrobe essentials, Ten Pieces demonstrates the simplicity of dressing with the ultimate sophistication. The secret is being able to mix and match garments so that you can wear one piece or 10. With each layer elevating your look, you can bring your clothes from street to chic.

Relying on the influences of modern-day punk, sportswear and a parka (jacket), the lifestyle brand of Ten Pieces at Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was very practical, yet functional.

For resort ’19, this lifestyle brand delivered modern, comfortable pieces that were simple and accessible. The collection was stamped with vertical prints, influenced with industrial architecture and landscapes. There were references to Sharpies in some styles. The looks were basically raw with a quintessentially Australian edge. Merino jerseys in soft earthy tones have been introduced to offer black and white staples. These pieces reinterpreted their signature silhouettes. Modern-day monochrome twin sets were designed to offer the wearer a simple yet elegant choice in casual dressing. In addition, there were knitwear signals that were new in this season’s Ten Pieces line.

The brother and sister design team, Camilla Freeman Topper and Marc Freeman created a shapely, yet fashionable collection for the CAMILLA AND MARC brand at Australia’s Fashion Week. Since the high-profile launch of this company, the duo has become local stars in the womenswear luxury market. There’s a sophisticated tone that reflects the ease of the Australian lifestyle in the line.

These clothes allow you to build your wardrobe and shows the brand’s looks that are contemporary and effortlessly elegant. The evolution of the CAMILLA AND MARC label has been a carefully considered process. No doubt, the twosome has strong style foundations in place. These designers emphasize the importance of nurturing a key message and providing luxurious, high-end fashion for discerning consumers. They focus on signature styles in luxury party wear.

From the looks on the runway to branding online elements, there’s a distinct and opulent design philosophy that’s infiltrated in every element of the CAMILLA AND MARC collection. Fit is a very important specialty in their company. They also want their customers to have a pleasant, yet superior experience in their stores, located in Paddington, Sidney and on High Street, Armadale in Melbourne.

The sustainable Of RO brand was founded by fashion and textile designer Rachael O’Brian. She is driven by the desire to elevate the processes and practices involved in the manufacturing of fashions and textiles. She wants to ignite a shift in consumer’s minds toward the sustainable consumption of fashion.

“In creating my debut Of RO collection, Scene, I drew inspiration from satellite images,” said O’Brian. “Their dynamic colors and patterns display a fascinating perspective on human impact and activity.”

O’Brian’s collection, named Scene, explores a shifting consumer perspective and the role of sensory interaction in a sustainable future. An exploration of weave and deconstruction of tailoring through drape that allows for a breakdown of traditional garment conventions, encouraging a curious approach to dress and an enhanced garment interaction. Spirit, longevity, collaboration and integrity exist as the brand’s core values and fuel the curious, open-minded approach with which the womenswear and textiles are created.