Credit: Bill Moore photo

Todd Bowles, the New York Jets head coach, described his team’s 41-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills Sunday as disappointing and tough.

“It was a disappointing loss,” Bowles said. “It was tough.” It was tougher for Jets fans.

Bowles added, “We stunk it up as coaches. We stunk it up as players. We didn’t play well.” No they didn’t.

Bowles continued, “We didn’t coach well in any aspect of the game. We didn’t play well in any aspect of the game. Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong.” Yes it did, from the start of the game, the coin toss.

Bowles was dead-on accurate when he said, “Everybody played bad. Everybody coached bad,” after the Jets’ horrific performance Sunday.

Down 14-0 after the first quarter, the Jets gave up 17 more points in the second quarter to the Bills, a 2-7 AFC East divisional team with very few season highlights until Sunday. Now 3-7, Buffalo is tied with the Jets, both at the bottom of the division and conference.

As dismal as Buffalo’s 2018-2019 season looked, they were able to embarrass the Jets on their field, in front of Jets fans by scoring more points (41) than they’ve scored in their past four games combined (33), ending their four-game losing streak.

Their win against the Jets was Buffalo’s best output of the season. They were up 7-0 in the first minute of the game, 31-3 at the half, two fewer points than their previous four games totaled, and with a 28-year old journeyman Matt Barkley behind center, a quarterback who hasn’t played in an NFL game since New Year’s Day in 2017. He had only practiced with the Bills for two weeks.

Like Buffalo, the Jets have their issues at quarterback, an inexperienced one now injured and an aging backup, but the Jets’ quarterbacks and the Jets’ offense weren’t responsible for Buffalo mounting 41 points Sunday.

Bowles, a defensive specialist by trade, celebrating a birthday this weekend, Sunday, or maybe commiserating, has a bye Sunday, no game, but he will need to stay up at night figuring things out to keep his job.

“We have six games left,” noted Jets safety Jamal Adams. “We have to figure out how to win all six. Simple as that.”

It sounds simple. It looks simple written, but the reality is the 3-7 Jets return to play the first-place New England Patriots here at MetLife, followed by a road game with the Tennessee Titans, who just overwhelmingly defeated the Patriots; Buffalo again, in Buffalo; home games versus a hot, burgeoning Houston Texans team; and then the Green Bay Packers before ending the regular season against the Patriots, again, on the road up in New England.

But Bowles explained, “You don’t look at the rest of the season. You just look at the next game. We have to play New England. We’ll try and go 4-7. It’ll be a tough game and a tough task. We all agree on that.” Yes coach, we do.

Bowles, not worried about his job, emphasized, “At the end of the day, we’ll take a hard look at everything this week, and try to recap and re-evaluate everything that we’re doing, and try to put together a win when we get back.”