Washington Houses - NYCHA (254493)
Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain/Jim.henderson

“When will it end?” is the question New York City House Authority residents want to know as it appears major issues in public housing are now occurring on a daily basis.

From broken stoves on Thanksgiving Day to no water pressure and no heat, life in NYCHA is becoming virtually a nightmare during a time of year that’s supposed to be filled with holiday cheer.

As temperatures dropped to below freezing last Thursday on Thanksgiving, NYCHA residents living in several developments didn’t have gas to cook their holiday meals, giving a new meaning to the phrase “cold turkey.”

Reports indicate that while residents had hotplates given to them by NYCHA, it wasn’t enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal that requires gas and an oven.

“We can’t even cook a full meal right off of these hot plates,” Bronx NYCHA resident Katiria Caban said in one report.

One of the most widely highlighted NYCHA properties that has been dealing with gas and heating issues is Marble Hill Houses, which has not had gas in nearly four months. NYCHA handed out free Thanksgiving meals to residents in the complex.

“It was Aug. 24 when the gas went out and I didn’t think three months later there would be no gas,” said resident Jennifer Sanchez. “I totally thought by Thanksgiving of course it’ll be back on, but nope.”

With winter on the horizon, heat is again taking center stage as residents in Grant Houses in Harlem reported cold water and no heat. Repairs have been taking days.

“I have a right to expect heat, I have a right to expect hot water. If I have a complaint, I expect for it to be repaired,” said Grant Houses resident Barbara Stevens in one report.

Amid NYCHA’s latest blunders, City Comptroller Scott Stringer, through a subpoena, is demanding that NYCHA release information about last year’s heating outages. He said he will take NYCHA to court if they don’t comply.

“The comprehensive audit was launched earlier this year following similar widespread heating outages last winter,” Stinger said. “However, NYCHA has continuously failed to provide substantive information and access to the comptroller’s audit team.”