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“Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want,” stated CeCe Olisa, co-founder of theCURVYcon along with Chastity Garner Valentine. What is theCURVYcon? It was a successful, three-day event held during September’s 2018 New York Fashion Week. These partners gathered multiple plus-size brands together with social media audiences in an amazing space at Center 415, located at 415 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. Folks enjoyed shopping curvy, chatting curvy and embracing being curvy. The networking extravaganza examined topics such as confidence, dating, body positivity, style, fashion, health, fitness and everything in between.

The ladies make a terrific team! Valentine founded the website in 2008. A blogger with 19,000 followers on Twitter, 215,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 1 million followers on Facebook, she offers inspiration and advice to plus-size women. She started out by simply chronicling her life, her clothes and her travels. Olisa, a lifestyle blogger and YouTube personality, covers fitness, dating and fashion and has created #PSPfit Plus Size Workout videos.

It was a wonderful event. In their Fashion Week interviews with Vogue and other press, they talked about their beginnings. Higher brands are getting into the plus-size markets. There were women of all sizes in attendance. “As it should be,” stated Olisa. “Everyone should care about plus-size fashions.”

Several plus-size brands actually sell out at theCURVYcon pop-up shops around town. At any size, it’s about who you think you are. The question determines what you do, how you dress, how you live and how you carry yourself. Hold your head up high. It’s also about style, your style and your lifestyle. Remember, the world is the stage. Clothes are just costumes. You are the star. Stay tuned for the next theCURVYcon event.