Call him Agent Orange, POTUS, Individual 1 or the Tariff Man, as he called himself, Trump by any other name is equally iniquitous. What the world is waiting for him to say, to conjure Richard Nixon, is “I am not a crook!”

But the criminal charges are creeping closer and closer to a man whose Teflon exterior is melting away, and it’s good to see how he is scrambling to hold off the accusations and charges seeping from the Mueller investigation.

That wall of seeming invincibility is slowly crumbling around him as still another chief of staff appears to be on the brink of leaving, and another Trump choice turning down the offer.

It is somewhat ironic that someone who began the chant “lock her up!” during his campaign against Hillary Clinton is now in the crosshairs of his own Justice Department, which could be swept away with one wave of his small, ominous hand.

If anyone is a crook, it’s Trump and we don’t have to wait for indictments, prosecution or conviction to reach this conclusion. In every sense of the word, he has been an unrepentant crook, one with little regard to insure domestic tranquility, establish justice, promote the general welfare or to secure the blessings of liberty, just to quote a bit of the Preamble to the Constitution. In essence, he has at every opportunity failed to observe the rule of law that governs our so-called democracy.

He’s made a mockery of rules and regulations, violated with impunity federal election laws and blatantly imposed his authoritarian actions when it comes to individual and democratic rights.

We can expect nothing but the most outrageous and intolerable responses when he’s called to the bench of justice, and he will probably find ways to sidestep any prosecutorial move made by his Justice Department. Already we have seen his removal of James Comey, the former FBI director, and Jeff Sessions, his selection as attorney general.

And with the Democrats preparing to take charge of the House, we are sure to see some of the most bombastic behavior yet from Trump, particularly, if as promised, they don’t hesitate to put his nefarious feet to the fire.

Yes, we call him everything from Trump the chump to Trump the rump, what is incontrovertibly true is that he has consistently broken the law, and punitive measures tantamount to these violations should be enforced, which would coincide with our demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!