Let’s face it, there’s nothing off limits when it comes to Trump’s aim to diminish or destroy anything related to former President Barack Obama.

Be it Obamacare, affirmative action, normalization of relations with Cuba, the Iran agreement, climate change or the environment, Trump has systematically done everything possible to eradicate the progressive moves of his predecessor in the White House.

The other day Trump struck again at the Obama legacy.

According to the latest report, the Department of Education is preparing to rescind Obama-era policies that sought to ensure minority students are not unfairly disciplined in schools, an effort the Trump administration believes will alleviate school-related violence.

That would be true in the Trumpian world, the same way sweeping the forest floors of leaves would put an end to the fires that raged in California, the same way arming teachers and staff at the nation’s schools would curb the gun violence that seems to erupt every several months.

Not only are Trump’s ideas about remedying a situation half-baked, but also he hasn’t even mixed his ingredients properly.

He is absolutely clueless about choosing the right folks to head the various agencies that are so pertinent to the nation’s political, economic and social welfare.

Either he’s a poor judge of character—and the list of miscreants in his circle seems to expand each week—or he deliberately selects cronies who will carry out his orders no matter what.

Manafort, Flynn, Sessions, Cohen, Tillerson, Zinke and Kelly have either spun out of Trump’s revolving door or are on the verge.

It was good to learn that there have been a few, such as Nick Ayers, who have refused to be looped into Trump’s menagerie.

How long will Secretary of Defense James Mattis stay aboard? As it goes, he might be the last man standing and one willing to endure the insults and belligerency of the pitbull.

Maybe there will come a time when there will be no more fools to select, and then we can say the cheese stands alone and we can curb our chant that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!