While walking around the city of Nassau, Bahamas on the Island of New Providence, you notice many women sporting Systems necklaces. These are necklaces that you can interchange as often as you like with various stones and strands that connect easily. Whether you are wearing a suit, dress or sportswear, you will always look fashionable in one of these pieces from Ahava Bahamas Designs. They are the newest trend in accessories.

Created by Emmalesha Thompson Johnson, Ahava Bahamas Designs includes necklaces, stones, bracelets and earrings. From one outfit to another, you can change either your necklace or stone to match what you are wearing. Johnson’s extensive jewelry collection is colorful, creative, luxurious and fashionable.

With a background in finance, Johnson runs a professional operation. Her interest in creating jewelry began when she used to help her friends repair their jewelry. She was fascinated to learn that she knew how to put the jewelry pieces back together. Today, jewelry repair is a large part of her business. A native Bahamian, Johnson is a talented, self-taught artist. While developing business partners for her stone collection, Johnson collaborates with various European companies to produce the pieces. The entire process takes two weeks. After she selects the stones, Johnson visits a technician in Venice, Italy who shapes the stones. Her stone shapes include geometric designs such as squares, rectangles, ovals, circles and other interesting shapes. Tassels are trendy, too. You can choose big or small stones. Colors are vibrant. Patterns are bold.

For necklaces, Johnson utilizes genuine citrine, gold, silver, metals and crystals. Pearls make beautiful attachments for the stones as well. She purchases most of her rough stones from Germany. For new stones, she is often visiting gem stone trade shows around the world. Johnson focuses on necklaces, earrings and bracelets for special occasions. In the collection, there are several matching necklace and earring sets available. Necklace shapes and sizes range from chunky to thin. You will enjoy mixing and matching the necklaces and stones. They are one of a kind. Prices start at $125.

AHAVA Bahamas Designs are available at www.ahavabahamasdesigns.com.