“We believe that Black women can create billion dollar empires!” This bold and beautiful statement is the belief of Esosa Ighodaro, Regina Gwynn and Lauren Washington—the founders of Black Women Talk Tech. BWTT is a network of support and resources for Black women tech founders. They say that their research proves that, “Black women are the fastest growing group of female entrepreneurs,” and “Black women in tech are no longer hidden figures.”

Between the days of Feb. 27 and March 1, BWTT will be hosting their third annual “Roadmap to Billions” conference in New York City.

“We are very excited about the upcoming conference, we hope that people come out and enjoy [our full program],” said Ighodaro.

In addition to being a part of BWTT, Ighodaro is the co-founder of CoSign Inc. She founded this organization in 2013 after being inspired by the possibilities of what she saw around her, and what she noticed was a gap.

CoSign allows viewers to purchase items from social media networks by “tagging” the product within the photo. It is an easier way for viewers to find the items they want to buy without having to take the lengthy time to track the item down.

“My original plan was to work in finance, but after a while I didn’t find it fulfilling for me,” Ighodaro told the Amsterdam News.

She attended Temple University and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration. Ighodaro joined Citigroup in 2008 as a management associate for the consumer bank. In April 2011, she worked at Citigroup as the balance transfer program manager.

“My friends would always come up to compliment me on my outfits. That’s what inspired me to start CoSign,” she said.

Alongside her BWTT partners Regina Gwynn, founder of tresseNoire ,and Lauren Washington, founder of Fundr, Ighodaro created the BWTT mission as a means of providing a networking space for Black women entrepreneurs.

The conference will be held at 535 W. 28th St in Manhattan. The purpose of the conference is to showcase Black women who work in technology. The three-day conference will be filled with workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers such as Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital and Julia Collins, the founder of Zume Pizza Inc., and the CEO of Planet Forward Ventures.

“Technology is such a unique industry,” Ighodaro said. “There are so many ways technology is incorporated in everyday life.” 

For more information, log on to https://www.blackwomentalktech.com