It’s fashion week in New York City! With their fabulous clothes, designers are telling amazing stories. Menswear designer Joseph Abboud is no stranger to men’s fashion. For over 30 years, his brand has always stood for masculinity, producing all-American-made clothing for men. This season, his aim was to celebrate the melting pot that is America and those courageous enough to search out new beginnings. The show’s themes were exclusivity, discovery and Americana. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are the words etched onto the Statue of Liberty written by Emma Lazarus. These words represent the very soul of our country and serve as the foundation of Abboud’s Fall 2019 collection.

As an homage to those early immigrants, this collection recalls the clothes worn as these men and women pursued their destiny. During the peak of immigration through Ellis Island, the designer recalls, “Each garment had a story to tell. Fabrics were washed with rough edges. There were surprising combinations of texture and patterns that reflected homespun pieces from around the world.” Back then, men traveled here to forge a nation, and perhaps their clothes were handed down from a father or grandfather.

Mismatched buttons, sheared shoulders and patches were cleverly crafted from remnants of antique Kilim rugs. There were leftover torn pieces that one might use to mend or enhance his treasured wardrobe, carried from one life to the next.

With a vintage palette and lived-in presence, Abboud’s fall collection features noble fabrics like washed tweeds, vintage velvets and time-worn flannels that inspire a workman-like tone. Trousers are full to allow for movement. Capes are wrapped around the body like blankets. In details, there were purposeful pockets running throughout the show. Abboud’s layering is a brand signature, and each piece is as individual as the person who wears it. The utilitarian theme carries over to the accessories. Leather bags and duffels are functional. Distressed fedoras and caps were all designed with a time-worn quality. Abboud also collaborated with American heritage shoemaker Allen Edmonds; boots were sturdy with time-tested lasts and designs. For eveningwear, Abboud’s elegant looks remained humble, imbued with an heirloom feel and hard-earned confidence.