Hairstyle by The DollMaker Studio (275478)

If you are looking for a new, modern approach to doing your hair, stop in at The Dollmaker Studio, located at 813 Malcom X Blvd., between West 120th Street and West 119th Street in Harlem, N.Y. (In the front window, you’ll notice Black mannequins modeling colorful wigs.) The shop just opened about two months ago. Some folks think it’s a dress shop, but The Dollmaker Studio is a full-service hair salon that offers everything from a blowout to a weave. It’s the hottest new hair spot in Harlem and will actually teach you how to love your hair. The salon is owned and operated by Troy Turner, a young, experienced, licensed cosmetologist who is all about your hair—and who just happens to be the great grandson of Nat Turner, the famous revolutionary.

While in the shop, you can relax and feel comfortable knowing that the professional working with you is listening to you, catering to you and creating the best hair look for you. “Hair should be washed at least once a week, and moisturized daily” said Turner. “Brushing hair 100 times is not necessary. Perms are going out of style. Taking care of your natural hair, even if you wear a weave or wig, is important.” Stocking caps are used under weaves to protect the hair. To keep hair healthy, it must be oiled, conditioned and trimmed regularly. With the tensions in politics, on the job and pressures of just everyday life these days, it’s good to know of a place where you can go and forget about it all, even just for a moment. Walking out of The Dollmaker Studio with a fabulous hairdo adds to the pizazz of the place and leaves you feeling like you’re on cloud 9!

The women who visit the shop form a varied clientele. Some are in the arts, on stage, on TV, in movies or work in offices, while others come from other cities and countries. They also have a long list of celebrities coming in the shop. Their upcoming podcast should be really entertaining; capturing the “beauty shop” conversations alone will be interesting.

The team provides new ideas on hair care and new products that are designed by Black women. All hair styles will fit your lifestyle. The DollMaker Studio offers professional hair technicians for men and women, and there’s a barber in the shop, too. So whether your hair is curly, straight, natural, braided, twisted, long, short—they have a stylist for you. One of their main specialties is designing wigs in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles.

For an appointment, call 646-861-2222. The Dollmaker Hair Studio is open from Tuesday to Friday, 12-7 p.m., and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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