Richard Painter, former chief ethics attorney for President George W. Bush, said something many of us have believed for years, which is that Trump is “not well at all mentally.” Now granted, Painter is not a qualified psychologist and to our knowledge has not placed Trump on a couch; he’s not a proctologist either but he clearly knows a “you-know-what” when he sees one.

Painter made this statement during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams,” and added that he thought Trump was an “extreme narcissist” and accused him of “throwing a hissy fit” after Congress refused to give him the $5 billion he wanted to build the wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Moreover, in concert with the recent comments by Andrew McCabe regarding his discussion with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein about the alleged plans to remove Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, Painter agreed that Trump should be removed from office.

We are not sure how far down the road we should go with McCabe’s recent disclosures as he was fired for lying or the fact that all of this may merely be a way of gaining public attention to promote his book, but it does kick up a lot of dust about the Trump administration and we have no idea how much any of this will aid and abet Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Both Painter and McCabe have touched on the 25th Amendment, which to have any chance of getting Trump out of office, no matter his hissing fits, would need a majority of his cabinet to arrive at the same conclusion.

And, as the world knows, Trump’s cabinet has not been a steady and predictable bunch; in fact, most Americans would find it difficult to name them given the rotating door in the agencies and White House.

Trump’s position on the wall has even riled his GOP comrades, several of them voicing concerns about the possible repercussions from his edict of emergency in order to unconstitutionally rip funds from agencies fueled by taxpayers.

This end run around Congress is just the latest iteration of Trump’s imperial governance that as Painter notes is “illegal.” Add this to his immorality and we have a tyrant who will go to any end to get what he wants, regardless of what it means to the nation, if not the planet.

Yes, Mr. Painter, we completely agree with your pronouncements, and how we wish we had the power to carry out what you envision. Until we get a real opportunity to get him out of office we add our call to yours that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!