From this week’s NYFW’s Fall ’19 previews, here are some of the hottest trends from 23 designers showing their collections. Trends are selected from designers such as Afffair, Indonesian Diversity, Oxford Fashion Studio, Fashion Hong Kong and Harlienz X Ghada Al Buainain.

There was lots of tulle. (This fabric is not only for princesses.) Tulle added the edge on several fashion looks on the runways. Modest fashions were shown as a part of the Indonesian Diversity. Designers from overseas exhibited their elegant collections which often included a hijab or head wrap. There was a Word party that included wording from logos to hashtags. It seems like nothing was left unsaid.

Sustainable fashions were upfront. Very green designs were news. Vibrantly toned coats and jackets and capes are captivating. In New York, these cloaks are used to seeing a sea of black coats in the winter.

This season, the toppers are popping up in color, looking fabulous in winter wear. Masks are on the move, bringing an elevated touch to NYFW this season. On the catwalk, it was about puffer everything, including jackets, coats, scarves, jeweled bombers and skirts. The power suits are powerful, and different from your average boardroom attire. See them adorned with prints, sheers and super cool details. Silver and gold take center stage as the colors of the season. Are those even colors? No one seems to care. These two hues are everywhere.

Throw your hood up. This is not your regular sweatshirt hoodie. Hoods have made their way into high fashion. off the shoulder outerwear gives everyone the cold shoulder. accent bags, big and small, stole the show!