Accusing someone of harassment and that they are stone crazy, as Trump said of Rep. Jerrold Nadler, are charges he should know firsthand as intimidation and name-calling are tools often at his disposal.

Because we are writing this on Fat Tuesday, we recall that Trump had once referred to Nadler as “Fat Jerry,” which brings to mind his demeaning of Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.” And let’s not forget the “Pocahontas” label he tattooed on Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Claiming that he is being victimized and flipping the script on rightful indignation of his adversaries is something more and more Americans are becoming accustomed to from Trump. Not a day goes by that Trump isn’t tweeting something negative about somebody.

Last month, reporters at The New York Times compiled 567 people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter—and the list extends from ABC Fake News” to Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News, who he called a “dopey clown.”

As we know so well, many of the insults he hurls at others could very well apply to him. Let’s randomly select a few from the list compiled by the reporters.

Barbara Underwood, acting New York attorney general, “does little else but rant, rave & politic against me,” Trump tweeted. His tag for Sen. Chuck Schumer is “Cryin’ Chuck.” Remember Omarosa Manigault, once a close adviser? Well, after her dismissal and her charges against him she earned the title of “Wacky Omarosa.” Even those who remain close to him such as his Secretary of HUD Ben Carson are often bruised. Carson was characterized by Trump as the “many lies of Ben Carson.”

We think you get the drift of his bad, bold assertions and how very few escape his baleful hook, especially the mainstream media who he insists are the “enemy of the people.”

Of course, we know exactly how he feels about African-Americans and other people of color, and the list is loaded with such disparaging tweets.

Michael Jackson is back in the news for all the wrong reasons, but one song he popularized fits very well with Trump and his countless insults and name-calling; he should as Jackson sang, take a look in the mirror.

That reflection, that menacing image, is all we need to see to remind us that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!