It’s painful enough having to endure Trump’s nastiness, the barrage of insults he tweets daily to any and everybody.

Now the hurt will be all the more excruciating if he breaks his promise and cuts Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

What was it, four years ago, that he said he wasn’t going to cut these vital programs? Well, the axman cometh, and rather than increasing the budget for the agencies, he plans to chip away at them by spending $1.5 trillion less on Medicaid over the next 10 years. His 2020 budget allocates $25 billion less on Social Security and $845 billion less on Medicare.

These reductions are not that cut and simple, but it boils down to Trump once again breaking promises, which will have a devastating impact on the quality of life in the nation, particularly for those who depend on a strong social safety net.

One of the cuts proposed in the upcoming budget may fly under the radar, but the severe cut of funding for the Great Lakes will not escape the attention of inhabitants there.

This is the third year in a row that Trump has proposed drastic cuts or the elimination of funds for the region, which are essential to the Erie economy.

Trump has promised to cut $270 million out of the $300 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. With the lakes already reeling with the spread of debris and damaged coast lines, the cuts will seriously hamper the plans to improve the conditions the lakes face.

Make America Great Again–Trump Must Go!