One of our favorite emails to arrive every week comes from Teresa Hanafin of the Boston Globe. Among the rewards of her “Fast Forward” column is the updates she does on Trump, which saves us a lot of tracking.

An example of her insight occurred Monday when she recapped Trump’s weekend.

She noted that Trump had failed to denounce Islamophobia or white supremacy, and that he gave very little solace to grieving Muslims here or abroad. “In fact,” she added, “he never uttered the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam.’ He saves that for when someone who is Muslim attacks white people.”

In the wake of the furor at Fox News and the suspension of Jeanne Pirro for her outlandish comments regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump demanded that she be reinstated. Pirro’s bigoted anti-Muslim comments are grist for Trump’s mill.

Moreover, Hanafin observed, Trump berated other hosts at Fox News who have been less than obsequious and fawning toward him.

Trump then renewed his dismissal of the dead John McCain, criticizing him for his vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act in 2017. Even the dearly departed are not safe from Trump’s disparagements.

There were more deranged tweets, Hanafin added, over Hillary Clinton, collusion with Russia, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and of course one of his pet peeves, his idea of fake news.

He even found it necessary to assail a more than a decade old rerun of a Saturday Night Live skit by suggesting the FCC, which he controls, investigate the sketches.

Thanks, Teresa, for reminding us of a typical Trump weekend, and that these notices are but small instances of the madness that consumes him.

Our readers may want to drop by your site as we do and luxuriate in your weekend comments on the ICYMI (in case you missed it) moments, particularly those that converge with our charge that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!