Chy Mitchell (277527)
Credit: Bill Moore photo

Since 2006, Chy Mitchell has been the CEO and a registered nurse at The Lechtim Community Services. This organization serves the east and west Harlem elder population, a mostly underprivileged area. “Over my 30 years of being a registered nurse, I do see the importance of having nurse case managers. And many people don’t take advantage of nurse case managers, and it’s mostly because people don’t know who we are and what we exactly do,” said Chy Mitchell. “The concept of nurse case managers is to be professional advisors and guide their clients of health care service and providers. The service we provide is similar to what public institutions like hospitals and clinics do, but what differentiates us to them is that we are private company that works with our clients on a more personal level.”

Mitchell also said, “We also host fun and informational events. We hold bakery sales, health fairs, blood testing and we show films.”

Some of Mitchell’s services while being a registered nurse also extend from her work as a former U.S. Army Nurse Corp. officer. She joined the U.S. Army in 1984 and left in 1999. “I always wanted to serve my country and the best way I found was to join the Army. I am glad that I made the decision because not only did it provide me the experience that I continue to use during my practice but it opened a door for me to meet several other people who have similar stories as me.”

Still, to this day, Mitchell remains active in her community and earns awards for her work in the Army. Mitchell specializes in elder care, medical case management and oncology nursing.

Mitchell attended Julia Richman High School and Saint Joseph’s University where she earned her degree in Health Promotion/Community Health in 1995.  

Her recognitions include the 369th Historical Society Award and an award from the American Legion Colonel Charles Young Post No. 398. The American Legion Colonel Charles Young Post No. 398 is a nonprofit military organization for Harlem veterans where they serve their community—whether it’s attending ceremonies for fallen veterans or doing community service. Members of the organization help Harlem veterans gather to have a good time together as well as helping them with knowledge of great resources. For over 10 years, Mitchell has been a member of this organization.