Wait a minute, folks! Are we hearing this right—Gov. Cuomo rushing to defend Trump? Moreover, several pundits and media outlets say Trump is owed an apology after we have seen only a summary of the Mueller report.

Talking about a report that raises more questions than it answers, now we have a governor who believes we are wasting our time attacking Trump. In one way, the governor is absolutely right, just being anti-Trump is not enough to defeat him in 2020. “We win when we offer the alternative vision,” he said recently. “No one is as good at making the case against Trump as Trump. Just let him talk.”

Agreed, Guv, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing week after week in these pages, letting Trump talk and then taking him to task for what he says, who he slams, and the policies that endanger all of us.

What we hope is that your good advice is not also intended to undercut your Democratic colleagues, particularly Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand since your comments come on the heels of her powerful denunciation of Trump in front of his tower.

While your concerns are taken under advisement, we are more disturbed by some media outlets, especially those mainstream ones of a neo-liberal posture who believe that Trump is owed an apology after Mueller’s report failed to show that he colluded with the Russians.

First of all, none of us in the media, we presume, have seen the entire report, and if they have nothing has been said beyond the summary.

So, an apology is being asked before we’ve seen the complete report, and that’s akin to reaching a verdict before the trial is over. Even then, his misdeeds have earned our opprobrium.

From the very beginning of the probe there were many who knew that finding Trump guilty of collusion would be difficult. That was less an issue than his obstruction of justice and that still remains unresolved.

Keep in mind, you would-be apologists, that Trump fired James Comey, removed Jeff Sessions and ushered in William Barr—moves he made to protect any unfavorable outcome.

In any case, there is no rush to judgment. Although it took the attorney general a weekend to finish his summary, we wait a little longer since we’ve already waited almost two years.

Let’s take a look at the full report, hear what comes out of the promised hearings from the several House committees before making a final conclusion. Even so, there’s one conclusion we have and will continue to have that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!