Chances are you haven’t heard of the E-Poll Market Research, and that stands to reason because it’s not publicly available. It’s a poll that advertisers use to measure the appeal of personalities.

Even if you are unaware of the poll that found Trump to be described as aggressive and mean, it comes as no news to many of us. These are attributes we have known for years, though it does in a way vindicate our feelings.

We are not sure of the full extent of the poll and what other determinants and scores were sought. Those findings, particularly as they pertain to his insensitivity, malevolence and being a bully with little regard to women and people of color, come as no surprise.

Trump, according to the poll, also scored high for being “insincere” and “creepy.” And he scored between 0 and 4 percent for the attributes of “sexy,” “impartial,” “handsome” and “physically fit.”

It would have been informative to know how he scored on being mentally and politically fit.

As we’ve expressed many times, polls are nothing more than a momentary gauge and should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

We need no barometer when it comes to getting a bead on Trump’s behavior, his temperament or his general disregard for democracy or the rule of law.

And we know all too well that his base—as recently demonstrated in Grand Rapids, Mich.—is ready to cheer him on, no matter his faults, failings and violations of constitutional rights.

His loyal contingent will probably dismiss any E-score, Q-score or PU-score that is not favorable to their leader. To them, Trump is flawless, handsome, physically fit and even sexy, which is in direct contrast to the findings above.

Rather than sexy, let’s try sexist, misogynist and an unindicted chauvinist who has called women everything from fat, pig, dog and slob.

But let’s return to the poll. One of the findings that hit home was that Trump did very well in the responses from older white men. Again that’s no revelation. These men are at the core of his base and perhaps the most unwavering.

Theirs is not only a gender alliance in this age of identity politics; many of them harbor the same fear and division that he propagates.

We hope that when the next E-poll makes the rounds that we, as a business, are included because our position is well known: to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!