Trump Tower (226594)
Credit: Image by LauraTara from Pixabay

President Donald Trump is a narcissist who has no concept of truth and integrity. Every week there is a new scandal, and from the very first day of Trump’s election, it was evident that he was a global criminal with a network of racketeering around the world. In a country where everyone would like to believe “In God We Trust,” this president has made a mockery of everything that is sacred and pure.

As Trump continues to tell Americans that he is being audited, the House Ways & Means committee made a request to the IRS. “Democrats are seeking Trump’s tax returns to investigate allegations of corruption against the president and his businesses, and the president’s legal team is promising a vigorous fight to keep them private,” says David Knowles of the Yahoo News.

Many pundits believe that Trump has been lying about his tax return from the very beginning. Trump has never produced an audit letter from the IRS that would show that his returns are indeed being audited.

As our president continues to be investigated for breaking the law, there is something wrong when his legal team must fight to keep his taxes private, and not public. He is the first president in 40 years to refuse to make his returns public.

Trump wants everyone to believe he is worth 3 to 4 billion dollars, but in reality his business has a cash flow problem. Anytime you own skyscrapers, golf courses and licensing deals, you are always paying debts, bills, mortgages and insurances. Trump has been forced to file for multiple bankruptcies, and it would make sense to want to hide his tax returns.

“Just last week he was ordered to pay more than a quarter million dollars in legal fees and past due payments to south Florida painters, joining accusations from businesses as diverse as caterers and piano vendors, that Trump’s modus operandi is just to do whatever he can to avoid paying his bills,” says Patrick Tomlinson, reporter of the Hill.

So where does a cash-poor billionaire go to get a quick loan, when U.S. banks don’t want to do business with him?

For 20 years Trump has used the German-based Deutsche Bank to get major loans, but at times he needed more. Many think Trump used the Russian oligarchs, who are international criminals, when he needed more money. It is also thought he used the mob for funds as well. This is just a hypothesis and there is no proof to confirm these contentions, but Trump always seems to be struggling to pay bills.

Very few people know how many times Trump has declared bankruptcy, and analyzing his taxes is a way to determine if he pays taxes. One way to not pay taxes is to declare bankruptcy and the other way is to be in hock, and owe many questionable people.

Trump’s father always sis business in New York City with the mob, and like his father, Trump has always done business with criminals and racketeers. Minorities would like to believe that each Sunday Americans go to church and pray, but major corporations and criminals operate from the same modus operandi.

At the end of the month, companies and criminals expect to see a profit, and some will bend the rules and others will break the rules to make a profit. Trump has always looked the other way when millionaires and billionaires have practiced “white collar crime.” Trump has been sued hundreds of times for not paying vendors, employees and businesses, and he will continue to do whatever he can to avoid paying bills.

Trump believes only “In Green We Trust,” that a good lawyer can find a loophole or bend a law, and that money can fix almost any problem.