H. Carl McCall (278222)
Credit: New York State

Former state senator and state comptroller H. Carl McCall, 83, announced April 10 that he would be retiring as chairman of the board of the trustees for the State University of New York after serving for almost eight years.

McCall was appointed chairman of the SUNY Board of Trustees in 2011. He first joined the Board as a member in 2007.

“After 10 years of service, I have decided to retire as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of The State University of New York,” McCall said in a statement. “I believe that it is time for me to pursue other interests and allow a new vision to take SUNY to even higher heights.”

McCall first started his public service role as a state senator representing parts of Harlem and Manhattan. He left the state Senate to accept an appointment by President Jimmy Carter to be part of the U.S delegation to the United Nations.

In 1993, McCall was selected as New York state comptroller. His responsibility was to serve as the chief fiscal officer, overseeing the state’s debt issuances and serving as the sole trustee of the state pension fund.

“He was an outstanding leader, comptroller, was always there to accept the challenges that may have faced the Black community,” said former Congressman Charles Rangel of a man whom he considers a friend. “I can’t believe that he is retiring; SUNY is losing talent in the struggle that we are currently facing as a people.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who lost the 2002 Democratic gubernatorial nomination to McCall, also considers him to a be a friend and calls his retirement bittersweet.

“Chairman McCall never turned down an ask to help and demonstrated his unmatched commitment to New York and our nation time and time again, including as state senator, comptroller, commissioner, ambassador to the United Nations and most recently as chairman of the SUNY Board of Trustees since 2011,” he said.

Cuomo also praised McCall’s work in SUNY, ensuring that those in the city from underrepresented communities got a fair chance at better education.

“His accomplishments are numerous, but he will long be remembered for his deep commitment to equality, diversity and access to education to ensure New York’s students, especially from underserved areas, are provided with high quality and affordable education,” he said. “SUNY is stronger because of Chairman McCall’s leadership, and his legacy and impact on all New Yorkers will carry on long after he steps down. I join all New Yorkers in celebrating Chairman McCall’s distinguished career and thanking him for his service to our state.”