According to the latest PEW Research Center survey, a majority of Americans (56 percent) say Trump has made race relations worse; just 15 percent say he has made progress toward improving race relations, while 13 percent say he has tried but failed to make progress and 14 percent say he hasn’t addressed this issue.

While we appreciate yet another survey informing us of something that is not new and each day becomes more obvious than climate change, we wish there was a higher percentage of those who feel he hasn’t addressed race relations at all.

But hold on! He has addressed race relations and all we need to do is to check out Trump’s latest tweet to confirm that, of course. His concern about race relations has, like his impending immigration policy, made things worse, and we believe that number is higher than the count on the PEW survey.

When it comes to race relations, the lodestone for Trump is former President Obama. They are polar opposites on practically everything when the discussion is about race, and this is another thing that is confirmed by the recent PEW survey.

Given the negatives from recent polls and surveys, Trump’s tweet that he plans to nominate Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board can only be seen as an attempt to bolster his standing with African-Americans.

It’s a blatantly stupid ploy and Cain should be wary of Trump’s praise—“he’s a very terrific man”—and what that has meant to others he has embraced, though it’s hard to believe his nomination will be confirmed given the simplistic economic plan he put forth during his presidential bid in 2016. That campaign never got off the ground after allegations of sexual misconduct forced him to end his pursuit.

With 2020 looming closer each day, we can expect all sorts of desperate moves from Trump. His hard line on immigration will certainly appeal to his deeply loyal base, just as they would probably approve of Cain.

We know how fickle surveys and polls can be, and so much depends on who is polled or surveyed, who’s asking the questions and how they are framed. No matter the outcome of these endeavors, our position, as we said with the previous polls to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!