Trump will not be attending the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, and this keeps his absentee streak alive at three. Also, on Tuesday, April 23, he issued an edict, we mean a tweet, ordering officials in his administration to boycott the event this Saturday.

Any chance of improving relations between the White House and the media was a long shot, which is the essential reason for the event. Once more he underscores his message to his base that the media is “the enemy of the people.”

Not having Trump at the event should lessen the advent of a dyspeptic stomach, make the food easier to digest, and move the evening along without the ardor of spite that hovers over his orange-colored head and lurks in his tweeter.

Yes, Trump will be missing in action, but that’s nothing more than his usual modus operandi. He’s nowhere to be seen when a nation needs him to provide a sense of calm, a sense of well-being when one horrible incident after another occurs. And when he is present he reacts like a jerk, a thoughtless rogue without a trace of human decency.

Some of what he spewed the other day is symptomatic of his behavior as he tweeted that broadcaster Joe Scarborough at MSNBC was a “psycho.” We are almost tempted to unleash an old bromide about “it takes one to know one,” but that would give credence to his accusation.

And even those remaining associates in his circle must be a bit peeved after being assured earlier they could attend the dinner but now are forced to cancel it. This is absolutely inconsiderate of him when folks have made plans, spent money and are looking forward to chatting with journalists and spending a few bucks in a fundraiser for aspiring reporters and editors.

There is certainly enough disappointment emanating from the Trump administration for him to find ways to make things even more intolerable.

Trump has a talent for disrupting an expected norm, upsetting decorum and making a mockery of things as he does repeatedly with the rule of law and what little of democracy that remains in our grasp.

No, Trump, like Miss Otis, won’t be able to dine on Saturday, and there should be no regrets for those who attend the festive affair; be glad that he’s not there to spoil your appetite.

According to the White House schedule, Trump will be in Green Bay, rallying his base, which to some extent he already did by avoiding the dinner. Part of his planned speech to Make America Great Again is okay but for that to happen Trump Must Go!