So many recent reports have shown that  stopping bullies and people from being bullied does not always have to end up in violence. In fact, verbally speaking and protesting for a change can create an outcome where little to no people are being harmed in the process. “Mommy, Why Are My Sister’s Friends Avoiding Her?” by Sharon Dash is a book that was written to end bullying without using violence. The purpose of this book is to educate parents who have experienced their children being bullied, but were unsure of the next action they should take. The book also has lessons that teaches readers about the importance of education, the presence of mental illnesses, and the effect bullying has on others.

The author used two female characters named Justine and Dominique to help demonstrate her message. Dominique is the sister of Justine who has been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. After Justine had an episode publicly, her friends and classmates started picking on her by making fun of her, and constantly harassing Justine. Dominique feels as if she should stand up for her sister by using violence, but her parents believe violence will end nothing and bring ongoing misery and pain. The family then comes together and has a meeting with the teachers, other parents and classmates to inform them about their student’s behavior.

They then try to educate them on mental illnesses and how people should be treated. Sharon Dash is a mental health advocate, a National Alliance On Mental Illness educator teaching parents about mental illness. She is also a social worker who also is a mother of a child with bipolar 1 disorder. Dash said that she created the book to help educate, inform and connect with other parents who share similar experiences to not only stop bullying, but bring awareness to mental illnesses.