Pelting morning rain could not stop determined members of the community from coming out to celebrate 32 years of community activism by the Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People on Saturday, May 4.

CEMOTAP co-founders Betty Dopson and Dr. James McIntosh were the gracious hosts and they presented a warm and community-minded program at the Robert Johnson Family Life Center in Jamaica, Queens. Anthropologist, historian and author Professor Runoko Rashidi delivered the keynote speech. He excited the room with his stories of working with Ivan Van Sertima, and dozens of personal photos of African Olmec heads and other proof of the African presence all over the Americas.

The lively duo, New York City elected representatives Councilwoman Inez and Assemblyman Charles Barron, and U.N.I.A.’s Dr. Tyrene Wright, encouraged the audience to understand that forward is the motion in all things Black, political and community building.

Just returning from a trip to London, publisher of Black Star News Milton Allimadi delighted the audience when he said that in recognition of the U.K.’s colonial practice, he had discovered the River Thames—and now renamed it River Gulu.

AmNews Editor Nayaba Arinde praised the organization for its dedication to exposing disparaging newsmedia, whilst building their own platforms through independent media like radio, print and TV.