Guess what? We have finally found a Republican to stand with and applaud. He’s Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, who recently became the first Republican in the House to support impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Amash, who won election in 2010 amid the Tea Party boom, based his decision on the Mueller report that he believes has presented enough evidence and information on obstruction of justice to call for an impeachment.

Our position is bolstered all the more when we learned that the House Freedom Caucus had denounced him and that he plans to mount a presidential run against Trump in 2020.

Trump wasted little time assailing Amash, tweeting that he was a “lightweight” and a “loser.” Sounds a lot like self-condemnation to us!

Could Amash’s move be the start of something big? It could, but we doubt if this portends a groundswell of Republicans joining his Libertarian march to unseat Trump.

But it does add to the growing headwinds Trump faces in winning re-election, though we are well aware that it’s much too early in the game to predict an outcome.

Even so, we are glad to see that obstacles are popping up making it more of a challenge for the incompetent incumbent to return to the Oval Office where he has been a complete misfit and misanthrope.

And again we are happy to hear that four national polls show that more than 50 percent of the respondents said they would not vote for Trump. Of course, with notice of good news there is some bad news, and in this instance it blows in from the northeast section of Ohio, a critical swing state, where Trump appears to be holding serve.

Ohio is just one brick in the breached blue wall that brought Trump to power in 2016, earning him a prize of victories in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that no Republican presidential candidate had won since 1980. And we shouldn’t forget how pivotal Florida is and has been in every presidential election in recent memory.

It was good to hear amid all the political rumblings that Joe Biden would beat Trump by 11 percent in Pennsylvania if the elections were held today; while that’s good to know, it’s nothing more than a home court advantage for one of the multitude of Democratic presidential contenders.

We are not even in the first quarter of the 2020 elections with the first Democratic debate two months down the road. At some point a candidate will emerge from the crowded field and possibly lead the way to Trump’s defeat.

For us Trump is a deficit, totally intolerable for the health and welfare of our body politic, irremediably cancerous, thereby placing us all at risk, so to this end to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!