If Trump and his administration get its way—and they usually do—our environment will literally and figuratively go up in smoke since he plans to rollback the Clean Power Plan put into effect by the Obama administration. And the very idea that it was an Obama idea is enough to make the man in the Oval Office salivate.

“Using fake math to hide the death toll from dirty air at the behest of the coal industry is sadly consistent with the Trump administration’s complete disregard for public health,” said Dr. Olga Naidenko, a senior science advisor for Children’s Enviormental Health at Environmental Working Group.

Several experts on the environment have expressed their dismay at the move, with one of them saying it’s a monumental departure from how the agency has calculated air pollution risk under past administrations, no matter the party.

But the word “fake,” which is often on Trump’s tongue, provides a familiar ring and a justification for an action that in too many instances flies in the face of scientific evidence.

The overall effect to the rollback could be devastating, particularly for people with any form of pulmonary disabilities and children who suffer from asthma.

“Particulate matter is extremely harmful and it leads to a large number of premature deaths,” said Richard Revesz, an environmental law expert at New York University.

Revesz said the new method could be a harbinger of other changes in environmental regulations.

EPA spokesperson James Hewitt said, “No change to this scientific method will be made unless and until the new approach has been peer reviewed.”

And therein lies the rub or the pollution if the reviewers are Trump cronies and follow his orders to the nth degree.

Like many environmental issues, this one has broad ramifications that endanger not only U.S. citizens but are potentially harmful for the entire planet.

The world is already aware of Trump’s dismissive conclusions about global warming and climate change, and this latest decision falls well within these danger zones.