In our last presidential election, a Democrat won the popular vote. Those voters said the wrong person is in the White House. That may be, but the reality is we have him as our nation’s leader.

Since that time, many Americans have been living a nightmare. We wake up and go to sleep thinking this is just our imagination. We pinch ourselves and it hurts. Yes, he is the president, so we must accept it for now.

I have already told my neighbor I am going to the polls next year to cast my ballot for president of the United States of America. It’s early; however, I have asked him to do the same and to spread the word. You know the age-old expression, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Those of us who didn’t vote for him must do the same this time around. The difference is we are going to have to get more people to join us in voting no.

It is my opinion he sold America a hijacked bill of goods. If you are a miner, you were sold a bill of goods. And if you are a farmer, you were also sold a bill of goods. Just recently, Wal-Mart announced some of their prices would be increasing because of the recent China tariff fiasco. So, you see, there are enough of us who are beginning to feel the pain.

If you are an Independent, and voted for him in the last election, have you seen enough chaos in his administration to not vote for him in the next election? I hope so. Women who voted for him last time were temporarily blinded by false power and alternative facts/truths.

So now, if you are honest with yourself and you have a moral compass, you can’t vote for him next year. However, unfortunately there will be some Americans who will sweep his narcissism and bad decision-making under the rug and vote for him anyway.

Yet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “There comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by oppression. There comes a time when people get tired of being plunged into the abyss of exploitation and nagging injustice.” I believe most Americans are sick of lies, coverups and falsehoods. We know that trouble doesn’t last always. This trouble is seasonal, and it is about to end.

It will not end because of a weather report but it will end because of a voting report. This change is up to us. We can’t wait for the United States Congress to act. Some in Congress have called for him to be impeached. Last week, Republican Congressman Justin Amash from Michigan called for the president to be impeached because he has engaged in behavior not fitting of a president. While we know that is true, it is not going to happen.

It doesn’t matter how many witnesses the Congress calls to testify. Having Attorney General William Barr and Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify won’t make a difference. If we want him out, then we are going to have to vote him out.

The Democrats have 24 candidates running for president of the United States. At one point, we had a Democrat announcing almost every week. In recent weeks most of them have had town meetings to discuss their platforms. These will last for a while because everyone is full of exuberance and belief.

Some candidates are running a presidential sprint when this is a long-distance marathon. Nothing is going to be decided in the coming months. Money and reality will set in for most of them and they will suspend their campaigns.

What we saw at the last Democratic National Convention was a fractured party. Being fractured and having factions won’t work—not against him.

James B. Ewers Jr., Ed.D., is the president emeritus of the Teen Mentoring Committee of Ohio.